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If t° is above 24° in Belgium or in the country of destination, we do not sent the chocolate.
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Terms & Conditions

Last modified on 01/09/2021

Terms and conditions for using the online sale by Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede, VDB Chocolats bv , Mageleinstraat 46, 9000 Ghent phone no 09 222 17 81. info@chocolaterie-vandenbouhede.be

With registered office at the same address, and registered in the trade register of the Belgian companies under number BE 0748 978 471, hereinafter referred to as the seller or simply Vandenbouhede or we.

Vandenbouhede specializes in the production and retail of chocolate products.

We define the buyer (also called customer or consumer) as a natural person or a legal entity acting in its own name or on behalf of third parties and for private or professional purposes you place an order via the Vandenbouhede webshop. Depending on the situation of the customer (consumer or not) some provisions of the terms and conditions stated below conditions may or may not apply to him.

By placing an order in the webshop, the person who places it will personally be liable for the payment. Even if it has been placed for third parties or for delivery to third parties. Regardless of whether the placer is an individual or a company placing the order on behalf of the customer from third parties or with the request to invoice third parties. Art 1120 Civil Code

The buyer declares to be over the age of 18 and to be legally competent.

By ordering via the webshop you automatically agree with our stated here conditions and you are bound to comply with them. So there is no written notice for this signature necessary. The general terms and conditions are therefore part of the purchase agreement and determine the legal relationship between the parties. This cannot be deviated from unless the parties have made an express written agreement otherwise.

The seller reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice must inform the customer of this personally, and without compensation as a result can demand. It is therefore up to the customer to check the general terms and conditions at regular intervals to look.

By placing an order, the customer also agrees to privacy policy and the use of cookies Vandenbouhede and to accept this. You can also view it online on our site.

The special terms and conditions have been drawn up in Dutch and are and remain applicable, regardless of which is the language of the user of the site or which is the language of the purchaser. If the buyer or user has it translated, then only the meaning and content will be in Dutch legally valid.

Our products:

Our products are described as accurately as possible on our website. If there are any questions you can always contact us about this via 09 222 17 81 or via our email address info@chocolaterie-vandenbouhede.be

It is possible that there are items on the photo shown that are not part of the purchase but are for the purpose decoration. It is also possible that the product has undergone a change of appearance. We try to keep this as up to date as possible.

Since the products on the site are in digital form, there is always a chance that the customer will gets an image that differs slightly from reality.

It is also possible that a product is temporarily out of stock or has disappeared from the range. If you still wish to order this, you can always contact us. We will then look at it together with you what the possible solution is and the possible delivery time.


The products offered are the products available on the day of the order on our website with the prices quoted.

The order method is as follows

The customer can always select all the products he wishes to purchase on the site and in the place shopping cart.

The customer can place a comment on certain products such as pralines regarding the desired one contents. If it is not fully stocked as requested by the customer, we will replace it continue to complete the order with the existing articles that have already been selected by the customer or as parallel as possible. The customer can always state what he certainly does not want.

The customer can always change his basket or view an overview while ordering.

The customer can log in via the customer account and change his data.

Payment is made through the site.

The customer has the choice between having it shipped or picked up in the store. When shipped, the shipping costs will be charged at checkout.

It may be that certain products are automatically stated that they cannot be shipped become.

This is because the ordered product is too fragile to ship. You can pick it up in our store.

We ask the customer to pick it up at the earliest the day after the order confirmation from 12:00 p.m. unless otherwise communicated to the customer and this within our opening hours.

If you have several products in the basket of which 1 cannot be sent the entire order will automatically be set as pick-up. If you still want a part already shipped, order it in 2 different orders. One for the shippable items and one for the items to be picked up.

Orders placed by the Customer are only final after order confirmation.

The agreement is concluded by operation of law as soon as the Customer has received confirmation of the order received. This results in the acceptance of the general terms and conditions by the customer.

If, after confirmation of the order, it appears that the ordered products are not sufficiently available to to deliver in the short term, the customer will be informed of this as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail notified.

Vandenbouhede reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders apron. For example, if we are of the opinion that we are not under the correct one at that time circumstances can deliver or, for example, we are of the opinion that we cannot produce it with our production capacity or with the desired delivery time. This listing is not limited.

If Vandenbouhede is of the opinion that it cannot carry out the accepted order as desired or according to the order for reasons of unavailable necessary raw materials or packaging at that time, he reserves the right to cancel the order after notification to the buyer and associated with this the refund of the amount that the buyer has already paid had paid. In the event of this force majeure, no compensation can be claimed by the buyer.

Vandenbouhede also reserves the right to refuse or suspend orders if it appears that the communicated data contains manifest errors or shortcomings, as previously orders were not paid or for any other valid reason the seller himself can invoke.

The information provided by the Customer when placing his order is binding on the Customer. Vandenbouhede cannot be held liable if it is unable to fulfill the order deliver or deliver correctly because the customer has provided incorrect contact details.

Vandenbouhede also reserves the right to place an order via the webshop, by e-mail or via the store or by operation of law without prior notice of default cancel, even after previous approval, if it appears that there are objective reasons that indicate a risk related to the solvency of the customer or non-liquidity on the part of the customer, including bankruptcy or inability to place the order.

Price and taxes

The prices quoted are prices in euros. These include the applicable VAT percentage in Belgium.

However, excluding handling costs, postage costs and excluding customs duties upon shipment. The shipping costs are indicated when placing your order. These will be on that also added to your account.

With regard to customs duties and taxes for orders placed via our website or via our store for delivery outside Belgium, these are fully at the expense of our customer or of the recipient. Vandenbouhede is not obliged to check whether these are applicable and it is not obliged to inform the customer thereof. These levies and taxes are fully covered the responsibility of the customers or consignees to be paid by the customer or recipient.

The customer should inquire about this with the local authorities before placing an order send abroad.

Shipments are only made to the countries mentioned on the site at the stated rates and if the weather conditions permit. The stated rates apply to deliveries including the shipping packaging and protective materials up to 2 kilos.

For other shipments please contact us. We reserve the right to change these refuse or charge additional costs.


Vandenbouhede accepts payments through various channels, offered by the payment gateway Mollie (www.mollie.com).

The customer receives a confirmation of payment after receipt of payment by Vandenbouhede.

The order will only be processed after it has been approved, regardless of the payment method.

If, for whatever reason, payment cannot be made definitively, Vandenbouhede will be retained reserves the right to suspend or definitively cancel the order without compensation to the buyer.

Orders paid by bank transfer will only be processed after payment has been received performed and was received by Vandenbouhede.

Performing the order and delivery

Orders are executed after approval by the seller.

If it cannot have the order shipped within a period of 1 to 14 execution days, unless otherwise agreed, the seller will inform the buyer of this. Together they watch one solution.

Execution days are from Tuesday to Friday.

Orders are also shipped from Tuesday to Friday, unless one of these days is a public holiday or a bridging day with a public holiday.

Orders are usually shipped via B Post. This is not an obligation of Vandenbouhede.

If the used external courier company used by Vandenbouhede has a track and trace system for the relevant shipment, the buyer can track this shipment. This is possible only if the external courier company provides the necessary information for this Vandenbouhede. If the customer explicitly wishes this, additional costs may have to be charged for this be charged.

When shipping within Belgium, we assume that the shipment will be delivered within the 96 hours is delivered. Abroad, this depends on the partners of the courier company who are responsible for the delivery. So we cannot guarantee a term here.

In the event of non-delivery or late delivery by the carrier, both in Belgium and abroad the seller cannot be held responsible, even if the buyer loses income as a result has. The buyer is aware of the transport risks and should ask questions in connection therewith address to the carrier.

The goods are handed over to the carrier or shipping company in good condition. On issue responsibility passes to the buyer. If these have been violated on arrival or not are properly stored, the seller is not responsible for this.

The seller is also not responsible if the buyer has not collected the package within the period that this package was available for collection at a postal point, or a vending machine or other. No compensation can be requested for this.

The seller also wants to point out to the buyer that this concerns food. These have one limited shelf life. Vandenbouhede will do everything possible to ensure that this is done in a good and protected condition.

If the delivery on arrival is not what the buyer expected, then nothing can be done returns will be made and no compensation will be requested. Food is not returned.

In case of force majeure such as (post) strike, illness, pandemic, flooding, war, embargo, riot, fire, accidents, lack of supplies, technical problems, network failures and other unforeseeable circumstances (not exhaustive) the seller cannot be held responsible be made for non-delivery. These matters release the seller from his obligation to delivery and automatically entail dissolution of the agreement. There is none for this compensation be claimed. Vandenbouhede does commit itself to the already received return amounts for the relevant order to the buyer. He will find the buyer then as soon as possible possibly inform of the impossibility to deliver in full or in part. Vandenbouhede reserves the right to make partial deliveries in the above case if possible. This of course also with settlement of the amount to be refunded.

If the buyer confirms the order or delivery date or delivery address or billing information want to change the placing of the order, this can only be done in consultation with Vandenbouhede. And after confirmation by Vandenbouhede of the new data. If additional costs have to be made then they are at the expense of the buyer.

Shipping of the ordered package takes place per order but to 1 and the same address. If you go to want to have multiple addresses shipped, you must enter multiple orders and therefore also pay shipping costs multiple times.

Placing multiple orders does not entitle you to a discount on the transport costs. If it concerns the delivery of products that are too fragile to ship and you still want a possible delivery, please contact us via 09 222 17 81 or info@chocolaterie-vandenbouhede.be.

We will then look together with you at what kind of solution may be possible. Can do this an external taxi service may be used, the costs of which will then be borne by the customer are. These deliveries only take place in Belgium.

Weather conditions and the delivery of chocolate products

Vandenbouhede does reserve the right not to let the order leave if the weather conditions do not allow the shipment of chocolate products. This starts from temperatures above 22 degrees, both on departure in Belgium and 22 degrees in the country of arrival or transit. As well as forecasting those temperatures for the days immediately following it departure from Vandenbouhede. This both in Belgium and in the country of arrival. For not or later no compensation can be requested from Vandenbouhede, not even if the latter temperatures persist for a long time or if the buyer suffers a loss of income as a result.

If extreme freezing temperatures should occur, we invoke the same right to postpone or cancel the order without any form of compensation. If these extreme temperatures do occur without prior to shipment announced, Vandenbouhede is not responsible for the damage caused by those temperatures to the products.

In any case, we recommend adding the option of an extra cooling element or isopack in the summer add to your order.


Personalization of our products is possible in mutual consultation and insofar as they can be united with the traditional character of our business (vandenbouhede). We reserve the right to refuse the assignment in connection herewith at any time if we consider that we have accepted it cannot perform technically as it should be or if it does not correspond to ours values and norms. It is also the case that the one-time acceptance of such a personalized order does not automatically imply that we must always accept it from the customer.

If the assignment cannot be accepted, we will also report this to the client within a reasonable period of time customer.

It is true that if we accept the order from the customer, it is held by the order purchase personalized products and is obliged to pay.

We can accept personalization for 1 product as well as for different products.

Vandenbouhede decides on this depending on the assignment.

In connection with personalization you can always contact us via 09 222 17 81 or info@chocolaterie-vandenbouhede.be

Personalization of products in most cases entails an additional cost. This one is coming at the expense of the customer. Also the additional costs for any personalized packaging for the customer is borne by the customer. We will always inform you of this in writing and the production only takes place after written approval by the customer, both with regard to the product and the term.

The customer alone is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information provided to personalization. In case of discrepancies in the information provided, the customer bears all costs that could arise from this, including the costs that Vandenbouhede had to incur for this in good faith. If the personalization would be subject to or give rise to legal proceedings disputes then only the customer is responsible for this.


The customer can request an invoice for his delivery. The customer is responsible for correct provide all billing information. Complaints regarding the invoice made must be submitted within 5 days to be made known to Vandenbouhede after the invoice date. If not, it is not mandatory rework invoice.

Allergens and allergic reactions

Vandenbouhede mentions the known ones in the general overview of his chocolates or with his products allergens that may be present in the product in question. It is up to the customer to check this look at the product of his choice.

Vandenbouhede is in no way liable for allergic reactions to ingredients or food intolerances that may occur. Not even if this product suddenly passes through the supplier of Vandenbouhede has been added to the raw materials without notification Vandenbouhede.

In case of doubt regarding the presence of or traces of allergens or intolerances, please contact the customer It is best to contact Vandenbouhede to check whether the desired products meet the specific requirements contain ingredients.

Intellectual Property

All photos, texts and explanations on this website are subject to copyright and intellectual property property right. Reproduction thereof, both in part and in full, is therefore prohibited. Order through the site does not mean that transfer of intellectual rights is possible.

Vandenbouhede reserves the right to customize products for the customer use or publish by way of reference and advertising without compensation to the customer.

Maintenance website

It is true that the website has to undergo maintenance at certain times to keep it up to date connections run as smoothly as possible. This implies that the use of the webshop occasionally limited or even impossible. Vandenbouhede does everything possible to minimize the nuisance limited as possible for the customer. If this causes problems, then it is Vandenbouhede's liability is limited to repayment of the amount effectively paid by the customer paid the amount of the relevant order placed at that time that could not be done normally passed and could not be executed.


In case of questions or comments, the customer can always contact Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede, Mageleinstraat 46 in Ghent. Tel 09 222 17 81 – info@chocolaterie-vandenbouhede.be

Only Belgian law applies to our general terms and conditions and the legal consequences arising from this. And should be interpreted accordingly. No matter what the country belongs to our buyer.

All disputes to which the current general terms and conditions could give rise are only possible be settled by the Courts of the district in which the registered office of Chocolaterie Vandenbouhede – Vdb Chocolats is established.

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